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How We Help our Community


Fueling Passion for the Game

By getting slightly used clubs donated we can refurbish them, fit them to size and get them in the hands of a kid who is either already into golf or hasn’t yet discovered their passion for the game.This process allows us to both help recycle clubs that are cluttering peoples homes and keep them out of landfills. We also outfit youth golf teams with new equipment either donated from local pro shops or through cash donations. These new clubs will ensure that youth golfers can compete with a sense of confidence and ownership which will translate into their daily lives.

Our Board Members

Founder David Morris was born in Stockton, California in 1990 and moved to Providence, RI in ’93. He grew up on Woodbine St. on Providence’s East Side. David has been in love with the game of golf since he first picked up a club as a kid at the driving range at Fiddle Sticks on Rt. 102 and again as a kid at Buttonhole. Years went by without playing until he rediscovered his love for golf as an adult. After many visits to the range, David decided to try his hand at a par 27 course and then a full par 72 course and hasn’t stopped playing since. During this time in life David realized just how expensive golf can be and realized how hard it must be for kids with limited funds to access the game. That’s when the idea for The Right Course came to be.

David Morris

Michael is a Chicago native and currently lives in Atlanta GA. He is a self employed real estate professional and NCAA women's college basketball official. Michael fell in love with the game of Golf after he moved south to Georgia in 2009. As his friend's caddy, he enjoyed just doing that. In 2016, he took lessons and the rest is history.

Michael Morris

Throughout my career and personal life, I have always looked for ways to give back to my community. Professionally, I've spent the last decade in healthcare administration, working to enrich the lives of populations in need, while also finding creative ways to be supportive of employees. When I first started playing golf, I found an immediate love for the game. I wouldn’t say it was love at first swing, since we all know everyone is downright terrible when they first get out there, but the first time you make good contact and see the ball almost effortlessly fly through the air, you’re hooked. That’s why I am excited beyond belief to be working with this nonprofit organization, working with a great group of people to help make golf more accessible to communities that otherwise may not have the experience to fall in love with the game of golf and learn all the great life lessons that go along with it.

Bennett Schlesinger

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